Our Camper – Cub Drover

So after around 18months research of hard and soft floor campers we bit the bullet and put a deposit on a Cub Camper. Our model – The Drover.

We did a lot of research online and decided to check in at the Cub factory in Sydney and get a feel for them. We walked out nearly convinced but decided to hold off until we see some more campers.

Date day arrived, you know the one where you leave the kids with a family member and you and your wife get the day to yourselves, this is a big thing for us as we have lived away from family in outback NSW for nearly 10years, and what do we do? Head to the NSW Caravan Camping Supershow at Rosehill in Sydney of course. Going to the show made it so hard for us, the show made it worse and we added another camper to research. It was down to Trackabout, Complete Campers and Cub, All three were around the same price but the Trackabout and Complete Campers were both soft floor.

We had 5 boxes we needed ticked

  • 1. Proper off-road capabilities, a lot say offroad, but they only mean dirt roads.
  • 2. Good kitchen – you spend a few hours a day cooking or making food so it needs to have enough space
  • 3. Good comfy Queen bed because you spend half your time sleeping in it
  • 4. Hard floor. So if it pisses down rain, the water just runs underneath, Our older soft floor would pool water in the corners.
  • 5. Aussie made and Aussie Canvas- they rely on selling quality products and tend to have great after sales support.

Best tip I have is to make sure the company have good after sales support. So if something goes wrong they will look after you. Most of the Australian made ones will, but there’s only a few of them, and they come with a price.

We choose the Cub Camper at the end due to the hard floor, the others were great but were soft floor. Cub have been around a long time, you can barely find any really negative reports, and people rave about their after sales, one of the only a few camper manufacturers that come with a 5-year canvas and chassis warranty.