Great Ocean Road, VIC

Wow! What an amazing coastline. We spent the last couple of days travelling the Great Ocean Road.. Warrnambool to Geelong. And absolutely loved it. All while the big weather system hit from down South. The wind was soo crazy, we’ve never seen anything like it. But we hung on (the kids literally had to 😂) and really enjoyed the ride!

We had another recovery here where someone had driven down into a very wet and muddy look out spot. They were in a 2wd van and just couldn’t get traction. I could help myself but try the winch out.

Whilst the weather was very windy and stormy we had some glimpses of sunshine that helped put a smile of the kids faces.

Grampians, VIC

While the weather wasn’t on our side, we decided to leave the tent and swags packed up and stay in a Villa at Halls Gap. Thank goodness we did, with 60km gusts of wind and trees down everywhere.

We still braved the rain and freezing wind to explore what was visible! Doing the 5km climb to the Pinnacle, which looked out over Halls gap.. We timed it perfectly with the rain and clouds coming across as we were on our way back down. Then onto the small 2km treks to Silverbend Falls and Mackenzie Falls. No matter which way you look in the Grampians, the view is amazing!

Of course we had to check out the No.1 business in town 😜.. Coolas Ice-creamery! With it only being 7 degrees outside, it was the 1st time the kids haven’t dripped Icecream everywhere 😉

Halls Gap were expecting to get snow tonight into tomorrow morning, but we just missed it as we’re back on the road, heading along the Great Ocean Road. Stopped in at Port Campbell tonight.