Camping and 4wd Product review

Maxtrax – Maxtrax are a traction aid. You place them under your tyres and they work as a solid platform so your tyres roll over them, not spin in the loose ground or sand.They are a valuable piece of recovery gear that is cheaper than getting your vehicle towed. An added sense of security when you’re travelling by yourself or with a convoy.  I have 2 sets of Maxtrax and have used them extensively. They cost under $300 but if you wait for BCF, Rays Outdoors, or Super Cheap Auto to put them on sale you can get them for around $260

Pros – Reliable, strong, storage options available, Quality

Cons – Cost, but you get what you pay for 

Check them out here

12 Volt Travel Buddy Oven – This was last years Xmas present my Wife and I bought ourselves. We were travelling from Fraser Island to Nambucca Heads when we stopped in at the Grafton  Roadhouse. They had these for sale at the normal cost price and we had previously been looking at purchasing one online. So we bought it and have never looked back. This particular model is the 12 Volt Marine Oven. At under $300 delivered these are a must have whilst travelling on the road. It fits 3 croissants easily loaded with ham, cheese and tomato. We have fit 6 normal sized pies and when the pies are defrosted it only takes around 1 hour to heat them up and have a crispy base.  With our oven we have cut the cig plug off and attached an Anderson plug. The cig plug is a little underwhelming for a heated 12v appliance. The unit does get warm to touch after it’s been on for over an hour but i don’t think you’d burn yourself on it. It has an 2 hour power off timer, so even if you forget about it, it will turn itself off. Great for croissants, pies, hot cross buns, ham and cheese rolls, Quiche (that’s like an egg and bacon pie), you can even cook a small roast in it.

Pros – Doesnt use a stack of power (will try to get some figures soon), quality, easy to use, stainless steel, size

Cons – Takes around 30mins to pre heat. But lets face it, when your travelling this is about the time it takes to fuel up and leave the town you’re in.  

Get one here –

DCM Stainless Steel Door Diner – I’m a member of quite a few 4wd and camping Facebook pages and I came across these guys. I thought what a great idea to have a shelf on your back door that just pops down when you need it. Easy to order and arrives a few days later. Instructions on his Facebook page and is easy to fit. They sell different combinations from stainless steel or, single door shelves or dual rear doors, it even comes with an LED light that you can fit if you are a little electrical minded. Not sure how much weight it can take but really your only using it as a bench. A bit pricey at $350 for my configuration of both doors in stainless steel with the large shelf plus $38 delivery but should last the same time we have the car.

Check them out –

Pros – Easy to install with predrilled holes, all the rivets, Awesome finish and cut to fit the door 

Cons – Cost, if you need to get in behind the door you will need to drill out all the rivets and re-rivet later 

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