Mount Kaputar – NSW

Here are a few of our pictures from our little weekend away shakedown with our new Cub Campers Drover in the beautiful Mount Kaputar National Park. At 1500m high we underestimated how much cooler is was up there. Narrabri being around 39 degrees we thought it would be late 20’s early 30’s, but Mitch had to put some socks on with his thongs to keep warm (Now that’s saying something 😜).
We were lucky enough to be alone at the Dawsons Spring campsite, which was really nice. An awesome spot with really great, clean amenities. There were plenty of Kangaroos around the camp which people obviously feed.. they would come from everywhere as soon as we would start to prepare meals was kinda annoying as you could tell that people feed them. 

There are lots of great walks within the park, a few easy and medium grade ones which we did, with our favourites being Sawn Rocks and the climb to The Governor. Everything is very well signposted with tonnes of information for the kids and adults to read.
Mount Kaputar is the perfect place (10/10 if it wasn’t a total fire ban) to relax and reset.. we would highly recommend it!

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