Mt Isa to Adels Grove – Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park

We had a late start from Mt Isa on Tuesday after a poor couple’s clutch went on them, in front of us at the lights heading out of town. We ended up giving them a hand to get their caravan off the road 😁
We stopped into the Riversleigh Fossil site along the way to check out the mammal fossils encased in the hard limestone, it was a great walk too!
We made it to Adels Grove campground before sunset, set up camp and just couldn’t resist a quick dip in the creek to cool off. The talk of freshwater crocs didn’t even phase our tribe (I was very surprised).
Wednesday we took a cruise down the Lawn Hill Gorge and had the best tour guide, Steve! (His dad actually lives in Lightning Ridge) He is travelling around Oz himself and working on the way. He had only been doing the cruise for 4 weeks but was so informative you would think he grew up in the area.
The view was just stunning.. We can’t wait to get back there

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